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Resources For Parents

Modern Childhood

Resources for parents how modern childhood is changing

Childhood is changing – the hockey stick graph

Child playing games on a tablet

Playing computer games shifts childrens’ bodies into fight or flight stress mode

Modern stressed child

Smarter but more stressed – two ways in which modern children are different to children of previous generations

Child watching Youtube videos

Kids watching youtube videos of other kids playing games? On interactive and non-interactive screen use


Resources for parents, tips on language learning

Some tips on language learning

Babies can see dust

Babies can see dust


Child concentration is different

Top-down vs bottom-up: how children’s concentration isn’t worse, just different – and how this affects how they learn.

Resources for parents, can we train child concentration?

Can we train children to concentrate better?

Child learning environment

Designing a learning environment where it’s easy to concentrate


Resources for parents coping with child anxiety

COVID – coping with back to school anxiety

Child emotion regulation

Emotion regulation tips and tricks

Resources for parents, how to go shopping without a meltdown

How to go shopping without a meltdown

Child-parent stress contagion

COVID – stress contagion

Concentration and Stress

How stress affects child learning

COVID – how stress affects learning

Why sensitive children prefer some settings

Orchids and dandelions – why sensitive children do better in some settings and worse in others